180 women are getting benefited each year.

Why Handicrafts Course?

Achieving gender equality remains a challenge, as significant differences persist in health, education and income. Many women of the society are house wife only. They are not directly involve in income for the family. It effects the equal role of the women in the family. To empower this unemployed women, we have introduce the tailoring and Handicrafts course. After getting trained from this courses women can involve in cooperative activities. Women are getting empowered as a result of these programs.

Our Approach

The function of our handicrafts program is to improve the financial and socio economic condition of the poor and needy women of the society. We make handicrafts products more marketable both in the local and international market. The goal of our handicrafts program is to train and improve the design and quality of the handicrafts in order to make them marketable in the market. The women employed by our Handicrafts Program receive the following in our training program:

Course NameClassesHoursCourse Outline
Handicrafts Course 14080Bag, Block & Batik
Handicrafts Course 24080Food Processing, Jewelry & Show Piece
Handicrafts Course 34080Candle, Chalk, Door Mat, Flower and Beaded Fruit

Our training center Provides

Proper teaching materials, Books and Syllabus.

Qualified trainers and we train them regular basis.

Generator service for whole day Power Backup.

Capacity 15 students per batch.

Currently it’s a full free training course. But students has to supply the materials.

Our Impact

Training CenterStudentsInvestment/Student
1180BDT. 1,500