500 children are fed daily.

Why Midday Meal?

 According to UNICEF, Bangladesh faces high poverty and under nutrition rates (31.5% in 2010), which are exacerbated by frequent natural disasters and high population density. 26 million people living below the poverty line and high levels of inequality persisting. 37 million people, a quarter of the population are food insecure.

The rates of acute and chronic malnutrition is 41% (7.8 million) of 16 million children under the age of five are unable to develop to their full physical and mental potential, effects that last for a lifetime. Poverty and malnutrition hinder children’s access to education and ability to learn.

Our Approach

 Each and every school, we have implemented a proper midday meal program successfully. This is one of the unique program for our schools. Proper nutrition effect our student’s health and learning process. So we have daily midday meal program. All of our school has a proper kitchen and trained cook. We have proper storage, preservation and cooking system. We have a fixed daily chart for cooking. They are as follows-




Vegetable & Dal

Chicken CurryVegetable & DalFish Curry

Egg Curry

Sometimes they receive special food (snacks, fruits, Birani) on the occasion of special day observation, outing or study tour which is donated by different organizations.  For many of the students this is the only proper food they have received each day.

Our Impact

StudentsEach WeekConsumption/StudentBudget/Student
5005 Days200 gm Khichuri, 120 gm Chicken, 110 gm Fish, 1 Egg and RiceBDT. 75