More than 2500 people are getting benefited.

Why Health Care?

 A significant differences in gender equality persist in health, education and income.

According to UNICEF 2011 data-

About 18% of women are acutely malnourished.

1 in 3 adolescent girls suffer from anemia and micro nutrient deficiency.

2 in 3 girls married before the age of 18. The risk of early pregnancy and Resulting low birth weight baby.

More than 1 in 5 newborns have a low birth weight.

Mother with no education, Malnourished Child is 51% and Mother with secondary or higher education, Malnourished Child is 23%.

Our Approach

We recognize the importance of healthy living. From the beginning till now we are providing medical care and Health awareness for the students free of charge.

Free Medical Camp:

We arrange free vaccination, teeth and eye camp program in a regular basis.

Health Awareness:

We do health awareness program for hygiene and healthy living. We work hard to educate our students and communities about the importance for cleanliness. We organize hygiene sessions for our students and their families to teach them how to use hygiene products to wash their hands, brush their teeth and clean their clothes. We are not only helping families to avoid disease, but also preparing them to maintain a good health and become self-reliant.

Our Impact

About 500 families with more than 2500 peoples are getting benefited directly each year.