500 children are getting Free Education.

Why Free Education?

Major problems in Education is the terms of school completion, particularly for girls from extremely poor families. An estimated 3.3 million children remain out of school, and only 51% of those in school will complete the full five-year cycle of primary education (UNICEF 2009).

Our Approach

“Education Program” is our principal programs in Bangladesh that aims to provide international standard education to the under-privileged children from the disadvantaged families. There are currently around 500 students studying in 3 schools in Bangladesh.

Our education system

We have given special focus on English language since we believe English is one of the most important factors in getting a decent job in the competitive job market, and accessing global opportunities. We are developing our own syllabus blended with international and national curriculum. Currently, we have four levels of Schooling:


Class  LKG to UKG


Class 1 to 5


Junior Secondary

Class 6 to 8


High school (Science & Commerce)Class 9 to 10


students received PSC, JSC and SSC certificate after completing their certain level of education. Our School academic year consists of two terms: Mid Term and Final Term.

Education Committee

Our Education Committee is researching and developing a continuous works for a curriculum which is learner centric, interactive, and a need based program. Thus the whole system is divided into textbooks based learning and co-curriculum learning based on our designed hybrid curriculum.

Teacher’s training

We equipped our teachers by training and facilitating them in order to help them ensure better learning and development of the children. We do it by conducting training sessions both with in-house and external training.

Our Impact





500LKG to 10

BDT. 30,000/year